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BB Giordano premiered  at Aqua Art Miami Basel 2018. Currenly exhibiting Geometrix Tables at Seryolux, Miami .

Handcrafted Functional Art

BB Giordano Geometrix tables are individually crafted of the finest woods, and metals. Each table is hand painted with original designs applied to inlaid aluminum, coated in a spectacular glossy mirror finish.  Their whimsical appeal, vibrant color palettes and attention to geometry and form make them an ideal conversation centerpiece to stitch a room together.

About Us

A Passion for Design


Jordan and Berta Bienenstock designed functional ergonomic furniture before migrating to media where they directed and produced TV and new media projects.  Although they have primarily focused on entertainment projects, their roots in design have emerged to play a role in their quest to create beautiful objects and scenes. Their documentary Restoration with Rhyme and Reason aired on PBS and stimulated them to design furnishings, interiors and art. Branded as BB Giordano, the artists utilize a variety of mediums to convey artistic expression.

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"


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